Saturday, June 16, 2012

Announcement: Server Rack Migration Downtime‏

Thank you for your long support .

We have plan to move our servers from old rack to the new and better rack on Satuday 16/06/2012,
wish to provide you a better quality of web hosting and better environment after migration.

Migration time: 10am - 6pm

Migration progress: Migrate server each by each to new rack, to minimize the server downtime.

Estimated downtime for each server: Starting from migration to end, each server needs 10 - 20 minutes, maximum will not down for more than 2 hours if any trouble occured.

Date: 16/06/2012

In the migration period, you might not able to access our web, no action needed to do on this server migration period.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused .

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